7 laboratories in Centre-Val de Loire Region devoted to the analysis and depollution of our environment

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Air pollution can affect human health, affect the environment and influence the climate. We are working on air quality and the assessment of the greenhouse gas fluxes between air and soils.

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Pesticides, drugs, household products, cosmetics, heavy metals and many others are released into water. We are working to detect and eliminate these pollutants that are harmful to human health and the environment.

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In France, many soils are polluted by heavy metals, hydrocarbons, solvents and pesticipides. We work on soil structure and subsurface as well as on the diagnosis and remediation of pollution.


Our environment is threatened by all kinds of contaminations. It is necessary to understand them in order to preserve and restore natural environments. This is the purpose of the PIVOTS partnership.

This unique set in France of seven scientific platforms was created in 2016. It is based on both laboratory research and field experiments to better diagnose and clean up our environment. And thus to sustainably manage our natural resources, whether soil, subsurface, water and air.


  • To make the Center-Val de Loire Region a cluster of excellence in the field of environmental monitoring
  • To offer scientists and entrepreneurs in this sector the means of experimentation, measurement and testing to carry out their projects


Our program is supported by 7 partners : BRGM, CNRS, Inra, University of Orléans, Antea Group, Le Studium and DREAM Water and environment cluster.




In the upstream part of the value chain, for instrument manufacturers, integrators and process developers during the R&D and product launch phase, or extension of application domains and product lines. In the downstream part of the value chain, for remediation companies, engineering consultants and geomatics companies.


For laboratory researchers in France and abroad wishing to create fruitful collaborations.


For the dissemination to the general public of scientific and technological advances in the field of monitoring the environment quality. For 2nd level teachers, high school students and students who want to learn more by visiting one or more platforms.


The ARD PIVOTS program is supported by the Center-Val de Loire Region as part of the Ambition Research and Development 2020 program and the State-Region Plan Contract (CPER). This operation is co-financed by the European Union. Europe is committed to the Center-Val de Loire Region with the European Regional Development Fund.


PRIME - Immoterre ® project

« Thanks to the BRGM's scientific support, stabilization solutions have already been developed for three major contaminants, with convincing results. »

Simon BonneDelegated technical director, Bouygues Travaux publics

Supported by the DECAP platform

« DSA Technologies was able to rely on the know-how and expertise of the DECAP platform, particularly through a privileged partnership with the ICMN laboratory. Moreover, in addition to the skills provided, DSA Technologies also benefits from the state-of-the-art technical equipment necessary for the development of pre-industrial prototypes.»

Sarra BoudenOperational project manager, DSA technologies


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If you wish to inform yourself, collaborate or visit a platform, do not hesitate to contact the PIVOTS team.


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